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Master sales  quickly with AI powered role-play

Real-world simulated calls allow your sales reps to practice anytime


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Increase conversion rates

AI roleplays are transcribed, so reps can analyze their

story and negotiation skills, including engagement and

ways to build rapport.

Decrease onboarding time
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Real-world simulated calls help junior reps ramp up faster

by practicing roleplay 24/7, from anywhere. Upload specific

product information and objectionable phrases into our

customized AI model.

Save Managers time
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Analytics allow managers to quickly see areas that need

improvement without participating in every call or having

to do the role plays themselves.


“I was blown away today! Your tool is a game-changer that provides an immersive and realistic practice scenario. It's like a sandbox environment for sales people to fail without losing the opportunity.  The responses are so lifelike that it's almost eerie, and the feedback is incredibly valuable. If I had this early on in my career, it would have saved a lot of embarrassment. Everyone is busier than ever, so when you do get someone on the phone, you better make it count!”



Former strategic AE

@Gong and Salesforce

“This is such a great use of AI. I was blown away playing with the early version and I can see how this will change sales enablement moving forward.”


Head of Growth

@Common Room


“Imagine increasing sales, reducing cycle time and making reps more productive. This is all achievable with Chambr!”

Sales Executive




"It's actually a bit addictive. I tried again and again just to see if I can get Jerry to a second meeting!"


Former VP



“Whenever I got hired as an AE, role plays were the most effective ways for me to learn about the product. The fact that you can automate that with Chambr at scale is amazing.


@Connect Earth


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“My team and I had a lot of fun with Chambr’s AI persona. He's a tough sell and a great challenge for sales roleplay. Personally, I like to warm up with a few calls to Chambr before I get into my outbound cadence. Helps shake the rust off and make the most of that first answer from a prospect!!”

VP of Sales




“I loved the stress-free environment while being challenged

to answer all of the AI's questions. Even though it's AI, I really wanted to close the sale!"





“My experience with Chambr has been very beneficial. It's a great tool that helps me practice my pitch repeatedly, which is necessary to become an expert in cold calling.”




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Growth, Enablement & Operations Manager

@Tandem Workforce

''I was impressed by how Chambr's AI inherently understood our complex product and by the way it stopped itself from hallucinating."

“I found this to be a much better solution than recording myself talking to my imaginary customer in front of a computer camera.”


BDR @TuMeke Ergonomics

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Your sales reps practice
their pitch & overcome customer objections
WITHOUT losing any prospects

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You harness
the power of AI to track
their progress and gain insights on your team's performance


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